All of my pixel art is randomly low res?

looks like this

should look like this

please help! it seems to only happen on small objects like some sort of lod that really shouldnt be on help

Making sure in Project manager → resources, smoothing is turned off for your sprites.

Also, in Project manager → properties , make sure your scale mode is set to ‘nearest’

Absolutely check everything convictedweirdo mentioned above.

Additional things to check:

  1. Make sure your game resolution is actually bigger than your asset resolution, otherwise you’re scaling it down.
  2. Make sure you’re not resizing the assets at all, as that will impact the image quality.
  3. Make sure they’re actually supported asset files, and not something like SVG, which will have tob e rasterized first and will never look right.

already done, all of this is new too, it worked fine before.

All I can think of it is when an object is increased in size. Is there any chance the resolution or image itself was enlarged? Generally, you can go small with no resolution loss, yet it’s not the same case for enlargement.

i make sure the objects never go smaller then the sprite in my game