New leader Boards missing from my GD

I updated and have the latest version but I show nothing about the new leader boards in actions , setting, Game dashboard. . I am so lost
I copied this from Wiki?? I can’t find the admin interface??

Choose a leaderboard

If you haven’t created a leaderboard yet, please do so in the admin interface.

I cant find this leaderboard tab? I was so excited to see this feature. I have spend weeks trying to get my leaderboard working

How do I create a leader board with the new system? Why dont I have the Interface?

As far as I know, the leaderboards are only in the current beta pre-release update, which isn’t available via auto-updates. So if you’re only on Release 5.0.131 (not 5.0.131-beta1), you won’t have that function. You’d have to manually download it from the github.

As it is a pre-release build, it is only for those willing to use a testing build. This means anything could occur, such as outright not working, to breaking projects, to working absolutely fine.

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