New scences

Hi just downloaded gdevelop about an hour ago and I’m trying to make a sidescroller similar to the demo that comes with gdevelop.

but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to actually make the screen scroll, my character just walks off the edge of the screen.

can someone please help? I hope this makes sense lol.

If i understand this correctly, you just need to have “always” a camera following the player…

Yep Thankyou that was my problem, I also have an issue when Im adding objects to the scene, say I add the background the I add the player, if I then add a floor or a middleground image, it appears over the top of the player, ive tried putting items on different layers but it wont let me? what’s the work around for that?

I assum you are using GDevelop5. You can set the Z order of any object. Select the object in the editor then on the left side in the Properties tab you should see a field called “Z order”. Lower value make objects appear below the ones with a higher value. In case you closed the properties tab, you can re-open it by clicking it icon in the top right side.

I think you should check out the beginner tutorials first: … /tutorials

They are not great but answer both of your problem which is indicating you did not even bothered to look in to the tutorials :astonished:

Change the Z-order of the objects in the properties panel, objects with higer Z-order are rendered on top.

thankyou for your answer, yes I did look at the tutorial but it didn’t work for me for some reason, that’s why I posted on here, I even tried googling the answer and youtubing it, the forum was a last resort. I uninstalled and re installed and it seemed to have fixed the issue, thanks for your help.