New splash screen

Just an idea, but currently, the GDevelop splash screen looks, well, not very nice. Hopefully, you could change it into a “G” logo only and not the “develop”, and instead of a percentage, it could be a “G” getting drawn on the screen or a loading circle, and below, you can put a link. Just a thought hehe!


I think the purpose of the splash screen is an advertisement for the GDevelop software, which is a fair exchange for using it free. If just the G logo was used, many people won’t have a clue what it means. You can subscribe to remove the splash screen completely. It starts at 2 Euro per month.

Personally I like the percentage display, my only qualm is that it’s at the bottom of the screen instead of dead centre! But no biggie…


Yes I agree with you, but in my opinion, if not the single “G”, any sort of loading bar or circle would be nice.

It’s true that we could still improve the loading screen and give a few customisation option - there is something on the roadmap about this :slight_smile:


i saw it and i cant wait for it but take ur time

I’d like to eventually have a personalized splash screen. Or several.

I totally want to display the GDevelop logo, I just would like to show it in a way that fits well with my project’s style and resolution.

If I subscribe, do I get the option to make a customized splash screen?

Is there any possibility of making a pixel art GDevelop splash screen and sharing it with the community?

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Someone made a tutorial on custom splashes