New suggestions!

I think there should be an option to add on screen circular movable joystics rather than only buttons! And we should be able to like link that joystic to a object’s movement like topdown movement or its rotation or both! And there should be a way to add like cutscenes or cinematics !! And instead of manually making one there should be an object option called progress bar! Which can be used to make progress bar and health bars etc! Also there must be easier way to change game’s layout to potrait or landscape! It would also be great if we would be able to add cool effects like adjust the “brightness” and color “emission” of our object in the game engine itself ! And more touch functionality like slide up , slide down, slide right side, slide left etc! And more light systems like adding light sources as objects which will have scalable radius of light and custom colours and strength!

Hey :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions. Actually most of what you’re asking can be built by yourself using a bit of objects, events and time :slight_smile: That’s the whole point of GDevelop :wink:

If something is totally undoable using the current system, feel free to then ask for a feature.

I understand! Like most of the things is possible but is NOT very easy to do! Like the topdown movements can be done with the events ! What the purpose of adding behaviours?? Its to make it a LOT easier ! But I am just saying that adding the things I mentioned earlier would be great making the engine more easy to use! Plz add the lights like in GDevelop 4 ! I think it is a great feature to have ! AND is the circular joystic thing that can rotate and move characters in games is possible to add? I saw an example but the character was only moving forward!! BTW adding these new things would be great! That’s the whole point of “Development”.
I am not complaining ! The engine is great but it can be greater!:wink:
P.S.: Plz can you add like event number so that I can know how many events I used! Make it an optional feature that can be disabled in preferences!

Maybe somekind of reusable units of code, so people could use code from other people?
It is already possible to export scenes and import in other projects?

And the lights as in Gdevelop4?

That’s on the roadmap with event functions :wink:

Vote for it on the roadmap: Trello

As everything, everything must be prioritized because our time is limited.

I think there should be a 3D mode instead of 2D i would like that because gdevelop is really easy to me and also
Add VR support for 3d thx!

GDevelop is still lacking in many 2d features and now you are talking about 3d? I don’t think that will be possible. And moving from 2d to 3d is a very big thing, and also, GDevelop is open-source software and we can say, it is run by contributors. Many features are added by contributors. And, I don’t think we will have 3D at any moment. And there is no point. GDevelop is a “2D” no-coding game engine. No offence, please.


Please do not bump an over two year old thread.

Additionally, there are numerous threads about 3D, and definitive answers have been given. Please search before posting or bumping a feature request.

GDevelop is a 2D engine. It is not a 3D engine. There are no active plans to make it a 3D engine, and that is unlikely to change. The concepts and engine are not 1:1, and it isn’t something that could just be redone.

If you would like a 3D engine that doesn’t require coding, I recommend looking at CopperCube.

As this is an ancient thread, I’m going to close this out.

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