New to this software and I have a bunch of questions! :)

Hey guys! I’m making a spacestation simulator game in 2d. There are a couple of things that I just can’t get my head around at the moment.

(EDIT: SOLVED) 1. [size=85]The center camera on object action makes my camera stick to the player character, but the camera is following the character at a slower speed than the character is moving, which means the character eventually runs out of the field of view. Why is this happening? I’m using top down view and controls.[/size]

(EDIT: SOLVED) [size=85]2. I can’t seem to figure out how to make sprites impassible, such as walls, with the top down controls. I have tried the pathfinding obstacle behavior but that does nothing. How do I make something impassable.[/size]

(EDIT: SOLVED)[size=85] 3. How do I make UI elements follow stick with the camera?[/size]

Help with these things is very much appreciated!

I will update this thread if I have more issues. Thanks beforehand! :smiley: :unamused: :confused:

EDIT: If you are having any of the issues above be sure to send me a message or reply to this thread and I’ll share how I got it working. I’m using GD5 beta. More questions bellow!

Hey man!

  1. Strange, because that should work very well. Did you change some parameters there, in the event? The option “Center the camera on an object” should work fine for that.

  2. Several ways for that. Some a bit more complex and others much more simple. Check it out: … =19&t=6394

  3. If im understanding correctly, you need to create another layer (Scene>Layers Editor) and put those UI elements on that new layer. This new layer should stay on top (above) the current layer you have now. Then, don´t forget to switch back to the “old” layer otherwise your new objets will stay on the UI layers and you don´t want that!

It’s really strange but all these issues seems to have solved themselves. The game preview inside the editor on GD5 seems quite buggy as the changes did not take effect until after many previews. The impassable issue was solved with the “seperat 2 objects” action.

I will probably return soon with more problems :slight_smile: But I’ll be sure to pay back in return when I know my way around the software better.

Thanks so much for the help!

My next question would be: How do you disable the seperate object event? I don’t seem to locate how to invert it so how do you go about reversing it?