New user need help with Physics Engine 2.0

How do I…

Add the collision mask of the object without a red color mask spawning on top of the object

Related screenshots

What spawns in the game - The sprite/image is underh a red box.

Hi, I’m not sure based on that single screenshot, but just FYI my game was also showing that neon pink color today. I just restarted my browser and it went away.

To edit a collision mask, you want to select your object and on the main editing screen you select “edit collision masks”

Once you apply the changes to the collision mask the red box should not spawn in the actual game, but it will show any time you are in the collision mask editor.

If you’re able to upload screenshots of your build window and editor that would be more helpful than just the preview. Hope that helps!

Thank you for responding. I was limited to attaching one screenshot as a new user. I’ll upload images tomorrow.

I am trying to close on an engine for my 11 year old daughter to learn for her first game and transition from Scratch.

She was able to finish a tutorial/asteroid game on game maker with ease and i was wondering if game maker would be easier to pick up.

To be fare, i am attempting to replicate asteroid game from game maker in Gdevelop without a starter kit and took hours getting to move my ship and rotate. I think I am missing something here as adding movement shouldn’t have taken me over two hours.

One again thank you, I’ll come back with an image.