Newbie Help Please Moving Sprite - SOLVED

In ordinary Basic Language I would do this:

LoadImage ( 3, “zombie_01.png” )
CreateSprite ( 3, 3 )
SetSpriteSize ( 3, 2.5, -1 )

Result = Random ( 1, 10 )

If Result = 1 then SetSpritePosition ( zombie_01, 322, 82 )
If Result = 2 then SetSpritePosition ( zombie_01, 410, 102 )
If Result = 3 then SetSpritePosition ( zombie_01, 614, 144 )

Could some one code me the same thing in GDevelop System. Have looked at all the examples, but could
not find any thing like this code.

I like this software, and would like to write a few games for the Andriod Tablets.

Many Thanks

In GD it would look like:

But I think you can’t use negative scales, you’ve to flip the object in Y instead.

Many Thanks Lizard_13 for your prompt reply, can get on with my game.
Also wanted to congratulate your excellent coding for this software.

Easiest compiling of Andriod Files I have ever tried.

Very nice software.

If you want to set sprite size/scale to -1 to flip it, there is an action in GDevelop to flip sprite horizontally and vertically.

ddabrahim - Thanks for your help.