Newbie problem here

i am creating a scrolling game and i have a problem regarding controlling the max speed of an object.
the situation is if the object collided with an object within a group the max speed will rise but it doesn’t rise

Can you show us a screenshot of the events used for this?

If there are several “current” or “ball” on screen, try to use a “for each” event.

can you please explain what does a for each event does ? I can’t seem to get what’s written in the wiki

and also under the power ups group i have three objects : resistor, current and voltage

It repeats the chosen events for each instance on screen (each copy of an object or group).

ok I’ll try using that

i renewed the project and these is how the project looks like now, the same problem i can’t control the max speed of the ball when it collides with the current which is under the power_ups group

also i cant seem to use the for each event

these are my events please help me
also these game is intended for touch screen devices if you could recommend me for better touch controls then i’d be grateful

When you remove your finger from the screen, the cursor stays at the same place, so you need to think carefully about your events to take that into consideration.
The wiki has a page about the For each.