No Audio on mobile

Hello GDevelop community,
I have 2 sounds in my game that both play fine on my PC in preview/published mode, but they don’t work on my IPhone 13, no sound at all. Is this a limitation outside of Gdevelop, or am I making a mistake.

The sounds are not going to be played if the user didn’t interact with the game, I mean at least touch the screen once. This is a restriction on the audio in various browsers.
What I do in that cases is to put a black screen with a button “Continue” and in that screen play a dummy sound which really doen’t play at all, then change to main menu or the scene you wanr to load.

I know that issue, it’s not what I have because my sounds are played when a person picks a right or wrong answer, they’re already several actions deep, and the sound wont play even afterwards. It’s 2 sounds, 1 for wrong and 1 for correct. For some reason when my phone is playing audio through Bluetooth the sound comes true though…

Have you made sure that the audio file format is compatible with the phone?
If yes … go to project resources and choose the audio files and enable preload as music / sound
Reply pls + send the game in massage :slight_smile:

Yeah I can’t figure out why audio on mobile (browser) is so inconsistent. I have a platform game and on level 1 the sound doesn’t work for most of the activations (but it does for 1 particular activation) .

When I’m on level 2, those same sounds that didn’t work on level 1 now all work.

Im using an external event sheet so I can’t figure out why the audio works for all the activations on level 2, but not on level 1 (except for the single activation).

The desktop experience is fine, and no issues with audio.

Totally frustrating me.

Appreciate this is an old thread - did either the OP or castlefield find a solution? Having a very similar issue with inconsistent audio on iOS