Node event view

Like Scratch

A canvas so that it’s not as overwhelming when you got a lot of stuff going on, like it is with the list view we currently have. Other engines as Unity, Godot or Unreal have tried doing something similar as well.

This has been discussed a few times over the years.

Overall: Those other engines use EXTREMELY different visual scripting languages, and they don’t apply to each other one to one. (Heck godot removed theirs entirely, sadly).

The GDev engine devs have said they will not be switching from the event sheet. Although they may add something like a node view specifically for state machines down the line, even if the nodes will just be to display different external event sheets for the state machine.

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Well Scratch is a language contained in blocks. A great way to learn logic procession.

Those visual scripting or node setups are a whole different ball game. I am no guru but to me those things are harder to learn than code.
But if you strip away the boxes, GDev is really similar to visual scripting. As in you hook an event or multiple events to a condition. You just work your way down a list instead of across in boxes. Which to me is FAR less confusing.
Just the way my meek mind sees it. :smiley:

Hi there, Silver,
I wasn’t expecting my post to imply changing the logic with which the events behave, I literally just meant a view, where roots of events or maybe groups could possibly be positioned horizontally as well, I mean being able to see this:

Like this:

It’s really bad but I hope you can understand better what I’m trying to say now

Hey NinetyRalph!

Just to be clear, I understood what you were requesting. I was replying to your idea specifically (I’ve made a similar request myself in the past, which is why I know the dev POV on it).

The node method does not work with the event sheet logic because everything is sequential in the event sheet, whereas node charts allow for full branching (if you look at your example images from other engines, they show multiple different start paths ending up at the same destination in almost all of the examples). This isn’t possible in the event sheet logic for a single sheet.

As mentioned, there’s been some discussion about using nodes to represent a finite state machine, but that would mean each node is a separate external event sheet. That may get close to what you’re thinking of, but it would not be for a single event sheet in logic.

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