Noob question

Hi I’m new to forum. Previously I worked with GM:S. But now after playing noitu love 2 I found that Multimedia Fusion 2 has sibling software in terms of game design and programming (I mean construct 2). And now I found another similar app (gdevelop).

So my question is simple. What are capabilities of gdevelop? Can I make similar complex games to noitu love 2 or AM2R(another metroid 2 remake) or other 16bit like games? I mean every aspect of game design.
Gdevelop caught my attention 'coz of linux export build straight into software. I don’t wanna pay for any export features in GM:S (my inner scrooge mcduck)

I guess you have just missed the Humble GM Bundle, ended only few days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:
For 15 bucks it was offer GM:S Pro with Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile and Universal Windows export module.

I don’t know the game so I can’t tell you definitely it is possible or not.
What I can tell you is that from my experience technically most things are possible but there are some limitations and missing features. The ones I’m missing the most:

-can not activate software keyboard on Android
-no sensors supported on mobile devices
-no in-app purchase supported on mobile devices
-no networking on mobile devices but even on Ubuntu and Windows, the future of networking is a question
-no lights in HTML5/Mobile but even on Windows and Ubuntu only 1 dynamic light can be used in a scene, so you need to decide the camp fire, the player or the street light got the light
-no blending modes and shaders are supported so in case you want to work around the limitations of the lights by using fake lights and shadows, reflection or you want to create a day and night cycle or fog…etc all this is not possible in GDevelop
-no fluid simulation of any kind is possible
-no Steam, Windows Store, Google Play, Facebook or any kind of store and marketplace integration so you have no access to any store and marketplace features but still in some stores such as Steam you going to need an executable with the API integrated regardless if you want to use any store feature so what it means, out of the box you can not publish your GDevelop game to Steam.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that GDevelop is developed only in spare time by a single person and 1 or 2 contributors.
Unlike GM:S, GDevelop is developed with no promises, guarantees, commercial use and community needs in mind.
In case GDevelop missing any features you need, don’t expect it to be added in near future if ever but it is a common disadvantage of most free and Indie tools out there.
But in case GDevelop got all the features you need I suggest look no further, it is the best development tool out there but unfortunately it is lack some very important features and support in case you have commercial plans with your game or you want to target mobile platform.