Normal map with lights


I think it would be nice if we were able to use normal maps with lights.
It could add some 3D lit and depth to our sprites.
Here is a gif demonstrating the difference between a flat texture sprite and one using normal map;

As to where to setup normal map in the editor. I think it could be a normal map light behaviour attached to sprite objects which would be like a normal animation editor except we can not add our own frames and animations, it would copy the animation properties of the object and allow us to setup a normal map for each frame of the sprite object as usual
So if a sprite object had 2 animations and each animation 2 frames, the behaviour would allow me to setup normal maps for those 2 animations and 2 frames.



I have red somewhere that normal maps are planned.

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I searched to roadmap for “normal map”, did not find it. But in case someone is planning to add normal maps regardless, that is great news :+1:
Hope someone able to confirm it though :blush:


Ah, I did find this on GitHub it seems it is in the making:

Awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think the GSoC student that made the lights feature said they would do it once their semester is over as they are currently too busy.

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Has there been any progress at all in this area over the years?

The original contributor that added the 2D lighting methods has not been active in the community for anwhile, and no one else has done any work on it since then, no.