Normal maps support

We absolutely need normal map support, this will increase the quality of our games by 100% I say this should be a core feature because good use of normal maps can show what a good game looks like and how a flat game can look. among other things, normal maps are good advertising for Gdevelop as an engine for various reasons: 1) Many pixel art games use it to appear more dynamic. 2) They are often used on other engines to show the “power” of the engine. 3) Many acquaintances who want to approach Gdevelop ask me if the engine supports normal maps (and also tiled maps, but that’s another story). 4) The quality of the games produced by Gdevelop would increase greatly and consequently the quality of the games on, of the devlogs, of the video tutorials and so on. I have nothing else to add other than leaving a screen here to help you understand the power of normal maps (unfortunately I can’t upload videos or gifs)