Not good Multicollisions and Other sound won't work!

Hard to see what’s going on here. Is the sound delayed or just not playing at all?

You might benefit from using sub-events to better organize your conditions and events. It will help you narrow down problems you are having with your events. Having a quick look, I would say there is probably conflicting conditions happening, which are preventing others from going off.

I wish I could be more specific, but it’s difficult to see what’s going on without further context in the event sheet.

Could you explain what you are trying to do with the events and what is happening when you preview the game?

I trying to get the other sound like hit2 to work in the second objects when the variables of objects equals to 0 after the first copied objects was to 0. and with multicollisions when the few bullets touches with one objects it doesn’t functions and if one bullet touches that the actions works.

To check I understand the issue, the hit2 sound plays for the first bullet collision with an obj_target_stand, but not for any following bullet hits on other obj_target_stand?

If this is right, then the reason will be the trigger once on this event :

That trigger once will execute the action once while any obj_target_stand has a damage less or equal to 0. So the first time it works because no other obj_target_stand has damage <= 0. But the second obj_target_stand that meets this condition will not cause the action to execute, because there already is an obj_target_stand with damage <= 0.

The trigger once in this case works on all obj_target_stand objects, not each one individually.

I believe MrMen is correct.

You will need another sort of “identifier” variable to make this work as you’d like. I’d recommend something like “deathSFX”, set it as a boolean object variable. Then toggle it as the last action (underneath the play sound).

Something that will be unique to whether it has played a sound yet or not.

Here’s a real quick mockup with a similar concept of changing the color on these crates once they’ve been clicked on once.

Without the boolean variable, only the first one will change color. In this case you won’t even need the Trigger Once condition, although I do use it to be safe.

Here’s the events. The bottom event is the only one that matters for MrMen and my suggestion above.

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this is how the objects has a issues before fixing. So if is that event only way to fix?

I’m not clear on what we’re looking for. Is it the issue? Can you direct us to times in the video that it occurs?