Not sure how to do this

I have some coworkers working with high voltage electrical facilities. They looked at me the other day and said “can you make this…”
I am not a software developer thingy, but I saw an opportunity to download Gdevelop to my work pc. I made a simple prototype for them. It is actually just one allmost static page where I have drawn a diagram of the electrical facility, and a few of the icons they can click on to change status/color from open to closed.

Anyways I thought that they meant it would run on a pc, and the screen would mirror to an infoscreen on the wall somewhere in the building. It turns out what they think is that an operator can have it with him out in the field on his Ipad or Iphone.
I am thinking a web solution instead of trying to keep android/iphone apps updated.

I am not sure how to solve this though.
I have only tried posting a test game on a website a few times (repl). But if two people play the game then it is essentially two instances of the game having nothing to do with each other.

How could I approach this?

One of my coworkes said that it would be okay (or perhaps even preferable) that it is on a pc because the diagram might be too big for a mobile screen. If you zoom you risk of changing status on the wrong object… But the challenges is still “what if two people has the same thing open. or how to display the status on a infoscreen at the same time”

You can use the Firestore events to store the status online so it is available on all devices. No matter if web, app or pc version.
A problem could be the limited number of status reads from the cloud. But if an update every ~20 seconds or better an update button is fine for you, it should work.

You do not need to manually update, Firestore queries allow to watch data and do something whenever the data has been changed.

Firebase is a database so it will store all the data across all instances of the program. If you want to have individual unlinked sessions, prefer P2P to simply connect between the devices that needs to communicate and exchange messages when a status icon is toggled.

That sounds very interesting.
I cancelled my multiplayer game after many hours because I thought it wasn’t possible (and I don’t want to use p2p). So I couldn’t really make a lobby, moves, etc. that updates every second/real time.
I don’t need it at the moment, but how? I only know the “Get a field of document” action.

Like i said, use queries. The leaderboards example use it (yes, it updates realtime :wink: ), you can check it out if you want, and/or read the wiki page for Firestore, it has a section about queries.

Query things are really not that trivial for non-programmers :wink:
And it’s literally complicated for the simple task of keeping a field’s content up-to-date. A simple action like the read field would be very helpful. Or an “update automatically” checkbox. Maybe not possible to develop, but would be very useful. In many cases, any sort and filter is not necessary.

That works so far, but I don’t get only the “data”. The selected row is the problem.

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