Not sure if this is the right category, but I am having trouble saving my game

So I’m having trouble saving my Gdevelop games. I keep getting a message saying ‘Unable to save the project, please select another location’
I’ve tried saving it in various different folders, but nothing has worked.
Here is a screenshot of the error

Hi what is the path where you want to save the project?
Do you have permissions to save it there?

In saving it to my desktop, so im pretty sure i have permission. Just to be aafe ive laps trued savung it to a folder I created, with no luck thougj

Do you have any storage issues? Does it happen always? Have you tried re-installing GDevelop. Close your scene and open it again and see if it doesn’t show Report a bug in GitHub. This message showed to me just today while using the BitMapText and Report a bug in GitHub showed.

No, no storage issues and I have plenty left
I am hesitant to reinstall gdevelop coz I’m afraid if my project will remain saved

Nothing will happen to project if you re-install GDevelop. I did that many times and nothing happened.
And does this message show always?

Yep, for the past week I haven’t been able to save anything, even the auto save on preview doesn’t work
I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling gdevelop

ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but unfortunately have got no positive results
anything else you would recommend?

Have you tried “Save As…” and saving it into another directory?