Nuclear Throne like Procedural Generated levels

Hello Snek there!
I was wondering how do I make a Nuclear Throne like Levels in Gdevelop
I watched a video ( Procedural Generation of Nuclear Throne - YouTube ) but I cant understand at all (I mean, I know words but idk how to recreate it in Gdevelop)
There is simillar topic but idk how to make it random procedural level generation help - #3 by blurymind
Any help will be apprisiated
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hi were you able to find something? I’m in the same situation as you

This is an old thread to revive, but I’m sure there will be interest in the future…

Here’s a great resource with lots of JavaScript pieces that you could adapt for GD:

However, If you can’t even follow the video I think you may need to start smaller.
The LevelGenerator.cs is only like 200 lines of code, a novice coder could port that to JavaScript in a couple of hours… but there’s no shame if that’s not you!
And honestly, a game with procedurally generated content is only as good as it’s systems. The generated level is just one of the systems. Designing “good feeling” systems is really hard.

If you really want to make procedurally generated games, I would recommend start first with a static room that’s just a box. Make a player character that feels good to move around. Create a single enemy that is fun to fight against. Create a single obstacle that is fun to avoid. Then start randomizing just those elements in the static room. Is it fun? Add a new enemy, add a new weapon or move to your player, and another obstacle. Once you have about five of each then add the level generation if you still want to pursue the game.