Numbers and equations (Solved)


I’d like to round the numbers to whole numbers. Whether its rounded up or down does now matter.

I also need help with an equation. I’d like to add crit chance influenced by Wis. I want the equation to equal 100 at 10Wis and then stay at equals 100 even after I add 5 more points to Wis. My current equation is Crit%=10+(9Wis).
I would like Wis to boost Crit damage after 10Wis(in a separate equation).

Hope to hear back soon, Thanks!

For example you have variable Heal
And it shows 612.4000000001

Normally you use ToString(Variable(Heal))
To display it in text
To show 612 you use ToString(round(Variable(Heal)))
And yes you use round and not Round

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Thanks it worked perfectly!
Any ideas on the how to make an equation that plateaus at 100? It just need to hover around 100 between 10-15Dex.

I have no idea what you mean
You need to provide example

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Sorry I meant Wis.

But then when Wis goes up to 11,12,13,14,15. It goes over 100. Should I Just set the change of text in a sub-event to give the illusion that Crit% is capped?
I want Wis 11-15 to boost Crit damage instead.

I just created an event that changes the formula based on whether its above or below a threshold.

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there is min().

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I’d ask you to elaborate, but your 2nd sentence really discourages me from doing so.

min() max() are math functions. Minimum and maximum of the given numbers.

A random string of letters discourages you?

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How would I use those functions to prevent Wis above 10 from changing crit chance from 100?

Letters are the basis of language, language is used to communicate the thoughts in our minds. A random string of letters communicates a chaotic mind. And chaos is evil or something.

A random string of letters by literal definition does not carry information and therefore does not communicate anything.

The letters were placed because of the post character limit. Thanks for calling me evil and sorry for trying to help.

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I didn’t CALL you anything…I implied it. How do I use those math functions though? Only an evil person would withhold that information from me.