Numbers in animation names

Hi guys,
We have made a series of images for a characters walk. We have numbered them 0000 → 0030 (see screenshot below), but when I import all of them they are imported in the opposite direction. GDevelop begins with 0030 and counts down, making my character walk backwards. How should we name them to get them in the correct order? Do we need to start with the highest number and is there a way to reverse the animation from within GDevelop?



I think all that matters is the order in which you select the files, not the names.

Ok, I’ll try that. But as I recall from watching tutorial videos I have seen people just pressing ctrl-A or cmd-A in a folder to select all images with GDevelop automatically sorting the images in the correct order. Anyways, thanks. I’ll try it later.

I noticed that it matters how your sprites are sorted in the folder / OS related (not GD related)

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