Object changing in scenes

My object(player) enters a room(1) from room 0 (he goes up to a door and spawns south of room 1). In this room i can go up left and right. But i gotta fight the monsters. After im done i can go in another room(room1 left, right, up). When i go left(room1L) and wanna go back (Room1 NEW), the room changes to the same room(1) but without monsters (its the copie of the scene (room1) just without monsters but the same ways to go and the same rooms). So my question is, if i go from Room1L to Room 1 NEW, i wanna let the object(player) spawn at the left door, but i cant put him there in the scene, because if i put him there and i go from Room1R to Room1 NEW the player would left but he came from right. So I wanna know if i can change the position of my object(player) in room1 NEW from room1L.

So i every time i enter from Room1L into Room1 NEW he would spawn left , and if I enter from Room1R into Room1 NEW, he would spawn right.

Anyone ideas?
It would be cool if there was like an aktion that changes an object position in scene 1 but the aktion takes place in scene2 events.

Once a door is entered, save a text on a global variable, in the next scene teleport the character based on the saved text.

Btw please don’t create multiple posts about the same thing (in a period of few hours) because you already have this post: How can i move an object in a scene after i switched scenes - #2 by Rasterisko

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