Object Instance groups/ object Folders.& Object events & Object Shop

I think there needs to be a better way of organizing objects. While Tags are nice and all, I think having a Grouped objects will help a lot with organization. Same with resources. But building upon that having another form of external events that connect directly with the object would help as well, or at least can be grouped with objects. But having an object shop or online library that other people can upload/download other peoples objects with events built within them.

This is just a random idea i had just now so it’s not so fleshed out as I think I could have made it but I think is worth looking into, at least with the groups.


Object folders were and are a very often requested feature and I also think it would be extremely helpful.
Everyone knows folders from graphics, 3D, engine, etc. tools.
Scrolling through ~80 objects is terrible.
Newly created objects are in the middle of the list (between normal and global-objects)
When we click on an instance, it does not jump to the object in the object-editor…

Okay folders like photoshop may be hard to implement.
But I think an optional view for tags should be possible?
Each used tag will be displayed as a title and below are the objects with these tags. If an object has multiple tags, it will be displayed in all appropriate “folders”. Or objects are only in folders if they only have one tag, that would be okay too and it’s easier to min/max the folders.


Object folder is a very practical function, now the label is very difficult to use, especially when there are many pictures, it is a disaster, we strongly demand this function!!!

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