Object/Instance selection

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I have an object with several instances on the game scene set up as a board game. Each object instance has a set of variables, like ID which get a different number. What I’m trying to do is click on a specific instance and change the animation of other specific instances, like displaying valid moves. Unfortunately, the mouse over event selects a specific instance and then while trying to use “Repeat for each instance” event while checking the value of the variable ID, in order to get the proper ones, I don’t get any results. I understand that the “mouse over” does a smart selection on the instances but how can I refer to the rest of the instances and modify them? Should this be handled by a different even not under the “mouse over” event when a flag is set?

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you can change a variable of the object that you hover over to a different one.
then have a separate event targeting all your objects that do not have there variable changed.
like variable selected. if cursor is on object change variable selected to 1.
in a different event, pick all objects with variable selected = 0 and change animation.

if you want to use it under certain circumstances, you can use a variable as bridge.
if cursor is on object, change variable selected to 1 and change scene variable select to 1
other event
if scene variable select =1
pick all objects with variable selected =0 do change animation.

Hi Slash. I was actually afraid of that, that I will need to use a variable as a flag since the ‘smart’ object selection is limiting my list of objects to the one taking place in the initial even trigger. It doesn’t sound bad to me, but I wanted to make sure it’s the proper way to do it in GDevelop.

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you can try the event pick all.
im not sure if this will reset your previous conditions or not. worth a try.
otherwise a bridge variable is the way to go.

I once used an OR condition to reset the instance selection, it has this magical property :sweat_smile: but it’s kinda dirty.
Maybe Pick all will work, but the variable way seems much cleaner.

I tried the pick all event but it seems it was picking only the previously selected instances. A bridge variable maybe the way to do it.

I’m trying to do a simple boardgame (halma type) with a single movement to free attached squares and it works great so far. The problem is when I do a jump over an enemy paw in which case I need to pick the square sprite too land and also pick the square pawn I did the jump over. Does it make any sense?

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