Object is in front of another object

I have this “Star” object that goes in front of the “Obstacles” objects. How do I make the Obstacles objects go in front of the Star object?

Set the Obstacle’s Z-Order greater than the Z-Order of the Star (you can modify the Z-Order in the properties panel) :slight_smile:

How do I find the properties panel? I know that I need to double click the object in the Scene to go to the properties panel of that object but the Obstacles and stars are not shown in the Scene (I hid them purposely).

You can select them through the “Instances” panel, it shows a list of every instance you have placed.

Hi again,
I opened the Instances panel but I still cannot see the object Obstacles in it. What I mean by hidden is that the obstacles and stars are created directly in the Objects editor panel, not in the scene, so I cannot see them, except if I put in “Create object Obstacle at position etc.” Is there another way of editing the Z order? Thanks for all the help! :smiley:

If they are not in the scene you can’t edit the Z-order in the editor. Then I guess you are creating the object through events, so you can change the Z-oder through events too (there is an action to do it) :slight_smile:

Ok, it worked! Thanks! :smiley: