Object Picking Oddities with Mouse hovering over an Object

Hello! In my learning project, I managed to simulate an explosion when you middle-click over a TNT box. (see gif)
It should affect every other physical object nearby the TNT box, including other TNT boxes.
But while the explosion affects other objects, it does affect any other TNT boxes nearby which is not the expected behavior.

My assumption was that this is happening specifically because I have the “Mouse is over TNT Box” condition set up.
In the image below, all TNT Boxes are ExplosiveObjects and also PhysicalObjects. Since my mouse is only hovering over one ExplosiveObject, it doesn’t affect any others nearby… if that makes any sense.

This assumption proved itself right when I placed a “Pick All PhysicalObjects” condition alongside the “distance below radius” condition below, which then made TNT boxes react to the explosion (but it was very buggy because no specific ExplosiveObject was being picked).

How do I work around this “issue”? I’ve tried nearly everything but I can’t wrap my head around it. Any help or advice is appreciated, thanks!


(event sheet image)