Object Picking Tool - Pick First/Last Object by condition

Right now using the “Pick the last/first object” makes it pick the first/last object by the order it’s was created.

I am missing a similar function where it picks the first/last object by the order of the condition.

Let’s say I have 2 object instances, if I click on the first object, the variable “clicked” goes to 1. if I click the second object, its variable “clicked” goes to 1 too. But only the last clicked object should have “clicked” to 1, every others should go to 0. Now if I use the “pick the first object by condition”, the first object clicked is chosen where I can set “clicked” to 0. Right now using the “pick the first object” it just picks the first object created, in this case the second object was created first.

Unfortunately I don’t believe there will be further development on those items, the pick first/last conditions in the extension are being deprecated in general, this is listed in the most recent release notes:

And the general feelings from the devs in this thread:

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