Object Spawner spawns infinitely (Solved)

Hello! I recently downloaded the object spawner behavior in an effort to make the enemies of my top-down survival game more difficult.
The goal is to have the enemies spawn once every 3 seconds, with a maximum of 5 enemies per spawner.
What happens instead is that the first enemy spawns, then a million more, creating a connected line of enemies that slows the game down to an unplayable level.
These are supposedly the only lines of “code” I need to make them work.
The red one does work, while the yellow does not.
The only difference between them that I can find is which enemy they spawn.
Any advice or ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated

I figured it out. The problem wasn’t in the spawning of the enemies but rather in the spawning of the spawner itself. I accidentally configured it so that the spawners would be constantly spawned once you get to that part of the game. Once I realized that was the problem all I had to do was change the condition that triggers the creation of the spawners.