Object/Sprite color mapping?

I just discovered that layers can have a color mapping effect, where you can replace / rearrange the colors on the layer with a color map.

Can we do this with individual objects/sprites in events? I can’t seem to find a way to target just a particular object.

At this time all filters/effects are layer-wide only. They cannot be applied on a per object level. You can tint an object’s color using the Tint events, but not selectively palette swap.

Building in a way to apply the effects on a per-object level is in the roadmap as a feature request, but from my understanding it is pretty complex to implement.

Ahh yeah that’s what I figured. I can see it probably being heavy on resources, too. But would’ve saved a lot of time with pixel art assets etc.

I’ll be ok with layer editing for now, honestly. But would love to see it someday.