Object Sprite Tweens Not Working

I have been trying to implement object sprites tweens for my visual novel as of late to add game feel and to include more than one object sprite/character in the game frame.

I expected for my character, Seilrin, to move his X-Position to my marker that I had placed on the left, right, and center of the game screen, but that didn’t work out. I boot up my preview to see he isn’t moving at all and the tween isn’t working.

I have been working with Yarn’s command system to make specific flags for certain character animations, so it could be a part of the problem.

Is there a fix, or an alternative I could use for character animations?

I’m not familiar with Yarn but the tween looks good. You can test the condition and the actions separately. Add another action like something that adds a message to the debugger. I like to use an action that rotates an object or changes the hue. Anything visual. You can test the tween by replacing the dialog condition with something like a key is released condition.

I tried to use a button prompt to tween it, an additional action, and tried to test them separately. I can say for sure it isn’t Yarn but with the action from what I could guess. I am not sure why the tween isn’t working, especially since I used markers. Maybe the sprite object tween function isn’t working, or I simply made a misinput with my code?

Is the object using any other behaviors than tween?

Sorry for the late response, but yes, there is one other behavior I use, and that is the Shake Object command, which works surprisingly fine. It’s just a single X-Position tween not working as I used many tweens before that have worked like a fade and highlight sprite option.

Tweens should run with condition that have trigger once
Or make condition last for one frame

It looks to me that those original x position tweens should work as long as something else isn’t interfering like another tween or action or behavior.

You can test the tween actions on another object or disable 2 of the 3 or try them in an empty project just to test the action and behavior.

The lines may need trigger once actions but as is the object should still move. Without a trigger once the tween would continually restart so it would start to move slower as it tried to move over a shorter distance using the same amount of time. It would gradually take smaller and smaller steps but it should still move at least initially.

I have implemented thanks to this message, but it unfortunately doesn’t move the sprite still :smiling_face_with_tear:

I added in the Trigger Once condition and the tween action in a new project, which thankfully works, yet I still do not know why it isn’t working in my original project. I implemented the recommended conditions, but it still won’t work with me even as I turned these lines of the code into external events to keep the entire scene event chart clean. :melting_face:

I am probably going to either remove the attempted animation and continue my dialogue code in Yarn or I will have to use some scene properties to help me with these tweens. I am not entirely sure.

Right click your object and duplicate it
Now check if duplicate will suffer same fate
If YES then problem is in behaviors object have
If NO then problem is in scene events itself

After multiple tests on my own, I think it’s a problem with Yarn because when I made a new command in a fresh project file, it wouldn’t work at all. The move tween works fine without the command with button prompts and other conditions. The irony is that other commands that use tweens, like my fades and highlight tweens, are fine, yet X-positioning isn’t working. Yarn seems to reject movement tweens, so maybe there is something like a bug I encountered?

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