Object Variables not displaying what I want it to display

I am making a game where planets that are selected will display various properties about them. I have been able to display a variable’s value with a text object plenty of times before. But this time, my variables keep just zeroing out. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

The zero indicates the value hasn’t been set. You have conditions in the first 2 events with no actions. Have you incorrectly put them as conditions (which just compare, but don’t assign values), rather than as actions?

You may also need to check the primitives of the variables and assign the correct type number, text, bolean…

Thank you, I fixed that to the other side so it sets it.

So on the right side, if I want an action to set it, do I still zero them out in that menu? These aren’t global variables, but I assume for an object variable I should still do the same?

Yes the primitives are the same for Global, Scene or Objects variables.

You don’t need to zero them out, as they have default values depending on their types - strings are “”, numbers are 0 and booleans are false.