Object Variables question

I am making a game which there are multiple scenes that the player object can travel between.
I figured it would be easier to just add a copy of the player object to each scene rather than trying to teleport the player object from the previous scene to the next
I was wondering how I would make it so the player retains all his power ups and abilities he gained from the previous level.
The event that controls the player is external and I apply it to every scene that the player can travel through.
I thought that if I created a Boolean object variable for the player, such that if the player object comes in contact with a power up, the Boolean variable will be changed from false to true and check if the variable is true, and if it is check if the player presses a button and then the power up is activated.
Will this change in the boolean variable be applied to all the player objects across the game since they are all controlled by the same external event?
If not, how would I tackle this problem?

Hi, you need global variables. Only those can be carried across scenes. You can also set your player object to global and it will be available in all your scenes.

There are also object variables but they are not automatically transferred across scenes, as you can read in this discussion: