Objects added from external layout, but not appearing

I made some changes to my game yesterday and now some objects that are added from an external layout aren’t showing up… I’m probably missing something obvious, but I’ve looked over it and I can’t see why it wouldn’t be working. If someone can point out the issue I’d be much appreciative!

github.com/BWPanda/squibbles/tr … ng_overlay (note that the issue is with the ‘missing_overlay’ branch).

A hard-to-catch one, until I noticed the link event itself is the one that doesn’t work, for example, if you swap the two link events so the broken one links to “Setup”, the setup code won’t run.
What is the problem?, the link event is disabled, and the disabled style is not displayed in link events, just a small bug :imp:

EDIT: By the way, nice code, very organized :slight_smile:

Ah! Thanks so much! I do recall disabling a few things at one point, so must have disabled that and not realised due to not being able to see it… Will file a bug report on Github (done: github.com/4ian/GDevelop/issues/913)

Thanks! I’m a bit (or a lot) of a perfectionist :smiley: