Objects appear out of place on web and android exports

Hi. I have finished a project and exported it on the web, android and windows. Everything on the windows export works as it should (.exe) and when I play the game on a windows browser, but in the android exports and when I play the game on a browser on an android device some objects appear out of place.

I have tried a lot of combinations from the properties but nothing worked.

Is there a way to fix it or another way to export it?

The first two pictures are the ones of the windows export.

The last two pictures are the ones of the web/android export.

Make a condition “for each instance of underline create object letter” then a event “link letter with underline” after that, create another condition “consider each letter linked with underline” (I think that is how the condition is called), then make a event to change the letter X position to make it always equals underline X position, and the letter Y position always be the same as underline Y position minus 32 (you can change the 32 to whatever you want if it gets too far away from the underline).

Edit: you will have to make some events to change the letter text/sprite regarding its position, otherwise you will have a bunch of the same letter.

Thank you for the reply Reborn. I will give it a try. I have a lot of work ahead of me because I have to do the same thing in over 200 scenes.