Objects follow the path of an object's movement


I’m fairly new to G-Develop and I’m trying to create a game like Snake on phones. The lead object/character would be moveable in 4 directions and then when colliding with other objects would join the back of the line and follow the path of the lead object like the body in Snake. I have the movement of the main object sorted, it’s just trying to get the secondary objects to follow like a tail

I’ve found a previous snake game in this forum zipped, but couldn’t get the file to work unfortunately.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks gang!



@MikeAnimade Check out this thread: Snake following


Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately that was the thread I had seen that I couldn’t get to work, but it looks like it could be great.

Is there a way to open these .gdg files? My version of GDevelop only seems to save out json files.


Hi Mike,
You didn’t pick the easiest to begin. :grin: Good luck with that.
I made a snake game, but it’s still a work in progress. Check out “Jukade” on the Android Play Store.
Regarding “gdg” files, I assume that’s for GDevelop 4.

OK, good to know. Sounds like it’s a tough one then to get a tail to follow!

Your Jukade games are great btw! So many games too!

Thanks for your advice.

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