Objects highlighted with light

Hello everyone, I needed to ask a question that I don’t know if it has already been solved before (I haven’t seen it). When I use a colored light (for example, red color), the illumination highlights the red components of the colors of the objects that are in the light, but it is not an actual red illumination of the objects. To put it more clearly, if I have a black object illuminated with red light, this object will not light up because the black color does not have a mixing component of red (unlike white, which has all the colors and can be highlighted with any light color). Is this a limitation of the Gdevelop lighting system or am I misusing the lighting settings?

Black has all the colors, so it cannot absorb any more.
White has no color, so it can absorb any color.

White light has all the colors, white medium has none.

I think it’s called additive colors VS subtractive colors.

Ok, that’s the opposite, but the idea is still the same. So I’m not misusing the light settings, am I? because my idea was to use colored lights but they don’t have the effect I’m looking for in this case.