Objects not follow [solved]

I’m disturbing you because are some evenings don’t find a solution on the below.
I created different objects moving around, I put a “shadow” (just grey opaque sprite at a distance) around it and refresh the shadow every cycle (to have a new position for it) but only one shadow appear near an object.
I can’t create shadow because it must remain obviously on screen.
I tried repeat and for each object but doesn’t work.
A note: If I put around and object and not a around a position the program don’t run.
Hope you can help! Thanks in advance!

For each object, create a shadow once and use the Link action to associate both.
Then, for each object, use that link to update the position of shadow (set position of shadow to object.X()).

Hi @Gruk!
Thanks, let me try, never used link.
Keep updated.
Best regards

Hi @Gruk!
Just did, it produce a shadow for each object but the shadow never follow the object.
It remain at starting position (and overwrite every cicle).
What is wrong?

You need a Trigger once for creation, and for creation only.
Position update is conditionless (never stops).

I did but never work.
Maybe was wrong earlier.
The position has a condition (repeated for every object) “take into account all… Linked to”… To use the link or don’t know how to use that.

Something like this:

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Yes exactly, a part " put shadow around player x player y with an angle…" and create shadow at position player. X…
I put out of the closing of the cycle of the players generator and now the shadow follow but the copy remain.
If as eg create shadow at 0,0 it simply create shadow over shadow only on pos 0,0.

I think it should be Take into account all ombra linked to nabbo (and maybe it would work better on the action side, that’s where mine is).
And your nesting is not great. The scale, opacity and other similar actions should be sub-events of the creation event, and I think the ombra creation loop should be moved out of the timer branch.

Hi @Gruk !

Almost done! Did so many different test, this is the best result.

Now shadow follow and in position but animation remain screen.

Any idea how to solve?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gruk!

I did it.

Creation of nabbo and nabboombra (and link between) inside same cycle.

Outside repeat for every nabbo and as condition take account nabboombra and nabbo and action put around and rotate.

Just logical as have to be.

You can put as closed.

Cool :+1:
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