Objects spawning at origin before appearing on the scene

I am having a problem with spawning objects

whenever I create object at location X,Y the objects are being created at the origin 0,0 (upper left corner) before they appear on the scene

some objects never appear on the scene because they are immediately colliding with each at this phantom spawning point first

any suggestions on how to fix this problem??

In case you are using an expression in place of X and Y coordinates, make sure the syntax is correct and in case you are using a variable, make sure you spelled the variable correct. Usually you get 0,0 if the expression is incorrect, or in case the variable does not exist, so GDevelop return 0 to avoid the game crash but obviously it may cause unexpected results like in your case.

In case you are using pure number in place of X and Y, I personally never experienced this problem. Can you show your event?

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