Objects twitch when moving

How do I…

Hello, I have a problem!For some reason, objects twitch when moving.I tried to change the camera scripts, as well as reproduce the movement using force, but nothing comes out.

What is the expected result

Objects should not twitch when moving.

What is the actual result

Objects twitch when moving.

Welcome. What do you mean by twitch? What’s twitching? What is the style of the project? Platform, top down, 3D? How is it moving? It could be the actions, behavior(s) or the animations could have different points.

Without more information, it would be just guessing.


The project is made in 2d with a top view.For the player, I use the top down movement.
Link to the video: https://youtu.be/b7eBHtsbaR4
When recording the video, the effect of shaking the sprite increased.

It might be related to your pixel like art. I haven’t had that issue but I’ve seen posts.

This could help.

If not I’d search for pixel art.

It didn’t help.I have been trying to fix this error for a long time and nothing is working. :pensive:

Are you using any other behaviors? Are you using the default controls or simulating the keypresses or applyjng forces?

All objects except the player move with the help of force, and the player moves with the help of top down movement.The player is controlled by simulating button presses on the xbox gamepad and keyboard.

What is the dimension of the player image?

12 pixels 14 pixels.

The resolution of the game is 320 by 180 pixels.Maybe I should just increase the size of the sprites along with the screen resolution? :thinking:

Looking at the video with the speed setting set at 0.25, I don’t see any shaking.
Could it be that your screen has ghosting?

It’s strange, everything is shaking on my monitor.ghosting is there.

Have you tried it in a new project with the default resolution to narrow down the problem?
Do you move the camera?
Is it okay for you in this test or the same problem?
I don’t have any stuttering, not even on a video recording.

Not yet, but I’ll try.The camera is not moving.The test has the same problem.

I also have a bit of ghosting, but I think it’s due to my VA monitor and not visible on sceenshots. But I don’t see any jumping or anything. Let’s see what others say about the test game.

Another monitor has the same problem.

I made a new project with a high-resolution 1920×1080 screen, enlarged the player’s sprite, but it still twitches and when it moves diagonally, a hole forms.That’s how I saw it .The pixels seem to mix.Maybe I have a problem with the monitor?

Well then we know that the small resolution is not the problem.
This is what it looks like to me in the video.
It gets a bit blurry when moving. I would say it’s the monitor but I can’t say for sure if the engine can do anything about it.

Edit: I could imagine that it happens because pixel numbers are not used straight, but positions with 10 digits behind the decimal point.

Maybe it’s the same problem as mine.
The background becomes very blurry and flickers when the camara moves. Less bad with other colors with less contrast.

Yes, that’s right.Your project on gd games has the same problem as mine, only you have a camera moving, but I don’t.

I still haven’t been able to figure out this problem.I wonder how to solve it?