Obstacle for Pathfinding don't use collision mask

I’m playing around with a simple RTS/RPG game with isometric view and I occur a problem with the “Obstacle for Pathfinding” behaviour.

“Pathfinding obstacle” uses the entire sprite box, not just the collision mask. It doesn’t make sense…
I found a simple solution with additional layer and objects, but it costs me a lot of annoying work, and it’s more complicate then should be.

Is there any chance to fix the “Obstacle for Pathfinding” behaviour?

Just to add clarity. This isn’t a “fix” needed, it is currently by design.

Collision masks are not considered by the pathfinding behaviors at all. Collision masks, in general, are only used for platformer behaviors, “collision” conditions, and the “point is inside object” condition.

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There are some discussions around enhancements for pathfinding, that are in testing. You can read up on them here: Pathfinding obstacle uses the entire bounding box, not just the collision mask · Issue #2689 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub and here: [PathFinding] Add refined collision methods and isometric grid by D8H · Pull Request #2284 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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