Obstacles in random timing

Hi Everybody,

I try to make my endless runner type game work, but the obstacles ( I have five images) are moving together in the same time when I set it to random with timing. I got some idea from: jubeliuksen3.blogspot.com/2016/0 … dless.html but this one is workable in GD4 only.
How can I randomize obstacles properly?
Many thanks for any help. I enclose the picture of conditions and actions.


Maybe I can use “TimeDelta” in it. I give it a try.
Any ideas?

I can’t tell exactly what you want it to do, but your penultimate event has two issues I can see.
First, you don’t need the trigger once, because you reset the timer, which has the same effect.
Second, the action
Do =Random to global variable
won’t do anything because there is no global variable picked and even if there were, you need to have a number in brackets after Random e.g. Random(500).

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Thank you for your answer. I try to be more specific.
The “endless runner” game I found works in GD4 only, but when I just rename it to (e.g.) game.json it does not work. My aim is to make it workable in GD5 as well, but I don’t know what do I have to change in the original version. ( I attach the picture of it).

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