Off Centre Game?

I’m sorry for asking this because it feels so incredibly basic, but I’ve been looking through the tutorials and I can’t find any mention of this. I’m building a platform game and have added an action for the camera to centre on my player sprite. The problem is, this now results in the ‘floor’ platform appearing about a third of the way up the screen when I run the game, leaving empty space underneath it and making the level look as though it’s floating in space. The floor platform is placed directly at the bottom of the square outline in the scene, and actually extends a few pixels below it.

I’ve tried just moving the platform lower down, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, plus it messes up a bunch of events that are reliant on specific Y co-ordinates. Is there a way to make sure that the camera is centred on my player character but also ensure that the actual level area appears in the correct part of the screen?

Again sorry for the very noobish question and thanks in advance for any help!

Is your player object on the same layer as your platform objects?

Yes, everything is currently placed on the Base layer

Can you screenshot the events, so we can see what’s going on?

Here you go

The only thing I can initially spot is that in the first event (At beginning of Scene), you focus the “Platform Layer” camera on the player, while further down you focus the base layer camera on the player, but do not move the “Platform layer” camera.

That’s a fairly recent change as originally everything was just on the Base layer and I was experimenting with using a new layer. I’ll change it so that the camera on both layers is in the same place and see if that helps, and come back with results - thanks!

Try using the “Center the camera on an object within limits” action. It will ask you to set the minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates. Just don’t let the camera go below wherever the bottom of your floor/ground is.

For example, in my game the Player is “Ozzy” and this level is 10,000 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels high. I just adjust the numbers for each level depending on how big it is.

That’s cracked it! Thank you both very much, that was driving me mad