Office Break (a stealth game)

Hello everyone!

I’ve almost completed my first game and it’s called “Office Break”.

You play as an employee who has to go to the toilets, in an office where toilets breaks are prohibited. You’ll have to avoid your managers and other obstacles to reach the bathroom before it’s “too late” :grimacing:.

It’s a small game obviously ironic, here’s some pictures:

I’ll hope to complete the game soon, so you can play it and maybe have some fun.

Have a nice day!


Now that’s a neat twist on stealth type game storyline. It sounds like it could be fun, and the graphics look appealing. Do you have a demo that we can play? We could give feedback that you may (or may not) want to incorporate into the game.

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Can’t wait to play it!
Great idea :grin:
And it looks great as well!
Good luck to finish it

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Thanks! I don’t have a demo (I didn’t think about it!) but the game is short and almost ready to be played. I’ll try to post very soon!


Wow I love the idea and the graphic style.

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Hâte de le tester ! Les graphismes sont cool en tout cas

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If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you handle the AI and detection stuff?

Sure, no problem!

The main enemies are your supervisors. They can detect the player if:

  • the player is on the same zone as the supervisor

  • the player is on collision with the field of view of the supervisor (The fields of view are basically juste sprite in triangle shape that follows the supervisors)

The supervisors follow a pattern to make it simple. If the player is detected, there’s a short timer when the player can hide. If not, it’s game over. Of course if the player touches the supervisors, it’s game over.

There’s other type of ennemy that are a little different but uses basically the same logic.

You can see below the zones where the player can be detected (in stripped blue) and the fields of views (both are hidden in the game).

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Very nice! Thank you!

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