Offline rankings automatically?

Hello, this time it’s about how to create rankings but offline because you’re fighting against bots. The game is supposed to recognize who has scored the most points and sorts the players depending on who comes in 1st place.2.3.4. There are 2 scenes, one where you fight and here is the 2nd one with a ranking. Does something like this work and how would that be possible? Thank you very much in advance

use global variables, there are plenty of youtube tutorials on those. You might want to use an array or structure variable, instead of making a bunch of separate global variables

Can you send me a video, I couldn’t find anything about it on YouTube except the normal leaderboard

This should cover the variable side of things, the idead is to have placeholder text objects, and use the variables to set the text of the placeholders.
If you still need more help i can maybe put together an example.

I actually need help, I watched the video. Can you show me your example please?