Old TV looking screen effect (screen filter)

Hello there!

I wonder…

Is there a way to create a screen filter that looks like the screen from old tube TV (like in Petscop(?) or other games) like by that I meant those moving lines on screen.

Thanks for help

(If you need a image of wat I mean I can send you)

The name of the filters I am going for is Scalelines from Mari0

Take a look at layer effects :wink:. I think CRT is the one you want

Hey Arthuro

Nope it isnt, its close but I meant like lines and kinda blurry screen like in one of the Mari0 (Mario Portal) screen filters.
I dont remember the name but I will tell you it when I will find it


Hey its me again

The name of the filters are Scaleline
hope that helps

The name you’re looking for is scan lines, and yes, it’s the CRT effect. You need to play with the settings.
The only problem is that you can’t get the curved sides of old TVs.

Aight thanks, and I dont need the curves, only the lines
Thanks for the info again
(Could you please like get me the options for them tho?, I am not that good at english and idk what several options understands. Thanks again)

For starters, set Line width and Line contrast to 1, and 0 for all the others.
But you have to play with the settings to see what they do :slight_smile: The descriptions are not clear in English anyway :sweat_smile: