OMG! New(ish?) Variable controls are AWESOME!

I always want to create complicated variable databases, but in the past, structuring/editing variables were so frustrating. I just tried creating a new database and Oh Holy COW it is so awesome now! You can create complex structures and copy/paste/relocate them where you need them and easily change the data type! Whoever made these changes, you absolutely rock. Its not just a little change, its huge, and major, its everything I wished for and I haven’t encountered any bugs! Incredible work! Thank you SO much!

Is there a way to tip people that have worked on the changes? (or is that weird?)


It was made by @alexandresi, thank him. I don’t think it’s weird to tip someone who made some good work.

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Hi there!
Really happy to see that you find the new version (way?) better! That was the point of spending all that time on it.
@Luni is the one that made the mockups for me to follow and @Bouh helped a lot on the usability aspect of those mockups. Team work!

No need for a tip on my side but I don’t want to speak on behalf of my coworkers :wink:


Completely agree with you, but since I’m already paid for that work, I reckon there’s no need for that. You could consider tipping unpaid contributors though, they help us A LOT!