(On Haul) Pizza Tower's Taunt move

Hi, so I am making a Pizza Tower fangame and just couldn’t think of any ways to do this:

Upon clicking a button, player should stop in air, show a frame of an “taunt” animation and keep the previous momentum/state


I guess the only ways would be to use tweens for movement/jumps and pause them, or use the Physics World time scale action to pause action.

But I seem to remember that some behaviors keep some data in memory when they are disabled and re-enabled. You could give it a try, but I wouldn’t bet much on it.

Well, I’ve decided to not focus on that for now since I don’t really know how to choose one frame from animation (random) and not go any further
But I think I know how I would do that now (aka while writhing this reply, inus random since it doesnt want to work for unknown reasons) like, setting the time scale to 0 fps
But yeah, sorry for trouble