On mobile - How do I get the player sprite to turn left when walking left?

On a computer, the player sprite does fine going, and facing, left and right.
On mobile, it stays facing to the right, and looks like it’s walking backwards when going left.

What do I write to fix this?

You probably have an event that says something like “Left key is pressed - Flip Player : yes”.
You need to adapt that condition to your mobile controls.

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Just tried that, no change.

Still won’t turn and face left when going left.

I don’t see the change…

I added in this.

That’s the only portion that said anything about ‘virtual controls’ and the first line does read ‘the device is a mobile device’ so figured, that would be the most logical spot to put that text at?

First of all, the yellow lines are comments, they are not used by GDevelop.
Second, the first line reads “the device is NOT a mobile device”.
Third, that line is not a parent event, so it won’t apply to lines below it.
Last, mobiles have no Left key, so you need to change that.

It looks like you don’t know the most basic things about GDevelop.
Some people took a lot of time to write documentation and tutorials so that beginners like you learn how to use GDevelop, and I find quite disrespectful to ignore all that work and come here for private tutoring.
I have already warned you about that and you chose to ignore me.
So I’m closing this topic for a week.
Feel free to come back to it after learning some of the basics.


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