On phone (Android) Dont save position in checkpoint

I don’t know if users of gdevelop have the same problem…with extra help off Lizard , the save or checkpoint is work on pc but if i send to on server and try to play on phone on my game the checkpoint is not working… even i make button to save in any position…do i need to do special action / condition for phone??

Can you confirm if the server code working?

i can tell if i send to server and play on pc work extra fine, good, nice , everything.But if i play on phone it’s just not work…code to save position look like this…>

I don’t see any event to send anything to a server.
I guess you mean the preview over wifi then.

Maybe this is the problem:

There is no left mouse button on mobile and I believe the release event never worked on touch.
Try to put the touch and mouse release condition inside an OR and AND condition and also check if the game is running on mobile like so:


It may solve the problem so it will work on both mobile and PC.

But in case you want to execute the action only when touch is released, use multy touch and get the ID of the touch on Restart and then you can check using touch ID if the touch on the Restart object has ended.

Take a look at the Multytouch example included with GD

You can also find my example for on-screen-joystick here:

The very last item on the list, it also demonstrates how to use multy touch and touch ID.

i mean i have a site in web and i send to site to test if game work… i will try do what you tell me and give answer back.THX for your time…