On-touch dialogue events (SOLVED)

I’m making an event object called “Ontouch event”. Basically, when the player is in collision with this object, a dialogue branch is supposed to run automatically, unlike with NPCs, where it runs after you press X when you’re close enough. (A “Talkable” variable flips to 1 when you’re close enough)

But I’m not sure what events to put down for the object…

The external events for the dialogue was mainly built around the NPC objects.

Here is an example of scene events for starting the NPC dialogue:

Loading at start

Begin talking

And these are the EXTERNAL events:

getting close enough to talk

away from NPC object (flips “talkable” variable back to 0)

going to next dialogue line (the “TextNext” object appears after dialogue line has finished “typing”)

ending dialogue

I actually tried removing the “talkable” variable condition just to see what would happen,

but it caused alot of problems, so that can’t be removed.

I don’t know what events to put in for the “ON-Touch event” object so that it differs from the NPCs, because I’m planning on using it in scenes that also NPCs in them.

What should I do? Also, if you have any clarification questions, make sure to ask.

Use the collision condition.

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Alright. I’ll give it a shot.