One jump, Platformer character behavior

In the premade Platformer Character behaviour please have a toggle or tick box that switches between holding jump to continuously jump (as it does currently) and a single press resulting in one jump. all classic platformers only do a single jump per press and I think it would add a lot to the behaviour for such a simple thing. Adding extra logic to deal with it has unwanted side effects with ladder climbing and wall jumping. Any way love the engine, its very approachable.


While I could see there being a usecase here, as a heads up most game engines require you to develop your own control “states” regardless of what built-in logic is provided. The default controls are working as designed, although they may not be working as you specifically would like them to.

That said, there are no issues with walljumping nor ladder climbing if your control events are set up appropriately. There is a separate ladder button that does not require jumping, and that should be used for activating ladders.

Here’s some example events to do only one jump per press, including Coyote Time and jump sustain (Holding jump longer = higher jump):

Here are similar events using the advanced platformer extension:

Both of these work fine with walljumping, and so long as you are setting up your ladder key with proper events, there’s no impact there either.

Edit: Again, overall, I still say the idea has merit to simplify the process, it’s just that nothing is technically broken as is.

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